I have over the last few months trying to find ways to make the server run quicker and more reliably. It has come along way since mid Jan, but I am still working on this task.

I have looked into the email side of things and found that on average, MIGWeb sends out 100,000 emails a month which get bounced back due to users not updating their user profile. That is on average 2.3 emails a minute that the system has the send and receive back the failure notification. But, as nothing much happens overnight, this is more like a peak of 10 to 15 failed emails a minute!

I have installed software now to help manage users whose email is incorrect. Please can all users check they have their correct email address in their user profile. Also, if you don't want emails from MIGWeb, you can adjust the following 4 features:
- Receive emails from admin
- Receive Email from Other Members
- Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages
- Default Thread Subscription Mode (set to "No email notification")

I will be making a compulsory change soon, so if users are still bouncing emails after a period of time, limitations on their user account may be imposed.

Please go and check yours now here:

You can turn off mail setting here:

Remember, if you forget your password and your email address is not correct, you will not be able to retrieve a new one to access your profile.