Along with the major site update, I have added a new integrate Reviews section. This allows users to add products and review them.

If you would like to review a product (and we encorage it!), please read the following instructions.

Firstly, check to see if a product already exists in the database.
If the product is not already there, you will need to add the product by clicking the "Upload Porducts" link at the top right, then select the correct section. You will need to input details of the product now, but please not, you are not reviewing the product yet, you are merely adding the product details.

I suggest using Google to serch for produce details. You can usually find this on the product manufacturers website. Also, save a few images of the product to your hard drive.

Using the upload products page, input the details of the product and upload the associated images. Then click the submit button at the bottom.

Once the product is added to the database, you can review it. While on the product page, click the "Post a Review" link which is found in the product details. Fill in the following form and click submit. All done.

Once a product is in the database, other users can leave a review, simlpy by clicking on the "Post a Review" link.

I hope this new feature is of benefit to users.