Just a quick announcement to let everyone know that as of now, MIGClub membership has dropped from 20 per year to 15 per year.

The membership pack will contain the following:
  • Membership Welcome Letter.
  • Membership Card.
  • MIGClub Keyring.
  • MIGClub Sticker.
  • MIGWeb Sticker.
Members joining from this point will not recieve MIGNews as this is being phased out by an online system.

Renewal is exactly the same now - 15 and the pack contents are the same. If you are a member already, you can renew at any time as the years membership is added onto your remaining membership. You can do this via the "Paid Subscriptions" system in your Control Panel.

Remember - you don't need PayPal to join online, you can use the PayPal payment system to process credit and debit cards too.