MIGWeb is a free site and is run by enthusiasts who are not paid to do so. Please respect the fact that the admin and moderators have a job to do. Use of this site indicates that you agree to abide by the following rules.
  1. Images and Content - Do not post images or content that is not suitable for this site. This includes messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws. There is no age restriction on MIGWeb, so please do not post material, which is in bad taste or of a pornographic nature. No signature images are allowed. Images may be removed at the discretion of staff members.
  2. Swearing - Although there are swear filters here, please do not use derivatives or disguised swear words. The filters are there to filter this stuff out and are not an invitation to try and get around them. Continual abuse of this rule may result in action from MIGWeb staff.
  3. Advertising - Please do not spam the forums with adverts - all adverts must go in the correct forums. Trade are allowed to post adverts for individual items - but we ask that these adverts are marked as trade. The advertising forums are not for chitchat, please do not make comments on items for sale if you have no intention to buy. Access to the advertising forum may be removed for users who abuse these rules or have a history of bad sales. eBay adverts are allowed, but full details of what is for sale must be posted within the thread, otherwise it may be removed by staff.
  4. Abusive Posts and PMs - Most of us here are grown up enough to get on nicely with each other, but some like to make life difficult for others. This could be in the shape of prejudice or targeting a specific user or social group. If a user bothers you, simply add them to your ignore list. Continual abuse towards other users may result in action from MIGWeb staff. Please report abuse via the "Report Bad Post" link under each post.
  5. Moderation - Staff can close, remove, edit or move posts or threads at their discretion in order to maintain a harmony on the site. If a post you have made has been moderated, please live with it. Staff do not edit posts for the fun of it and do not have time to justify themselves. Threads questioning staff action will be closed or removed. Abuse towards MIGWeb staff will not be tolerated and may result in gagging or in severe cases, banning. Please remember that no staff member is paid to do their job, please don't make life difficult for them.
  6. Text speak - Txt spk is wun of dem fings dat will get u murked on here bruv, no wat I mean? So try and make your posts understandable. Nobody demands perfect spelling or grammar, but easy to read posts are essential
  7. Signatures - People are here to see content not your signature. For this reason, images have been disabled in signatures. Please try to keep text in signatures to a maximum of three lines of sensibly sized text - this includes blank lines. Text may not contain blatant commercial advertising, but links to sites including commercial ones are allowed. Please also ensure that your signature is not an eye-sore. Keep text small and try to keep colours tasteful.
  8. Do Not Deliberately Bump Old Posts - This site contains many years worth of old posts. It is not acceptable to bring old post back to the top of the forum. This confuses users and brings up old views or facts that just are no longer relevant or correct. If there is a genuine reason for bringing up an old thread, why not start a new thread and paste a link to the old one? Staff reserve the right to close old posts which have been bumped. Deliberate bumping of old threads specifically to confuse people will result in further action from MIGWeb staff.
  9. Avatars - These are available to staff and MIGClub members only. These should ideally be static images, preferably of you or your car. They must also conform to the general image rules. Distracting Avatars may be removed at the discretion of MIGWeb staff.
  10. Abuse towards Companies
    The abuse towards companies within the Vauxhall community will not be acceptable, any threads that could turn into and/or are already an abusing thread towards any company will be removed. If you have a problem with a tuning company, venting your anger on here will not solve it. This includes all companies offering club members discount.
  11. Abuse towards MIGClub or MIGWeb Staff
    The abuse towards any of the club or website staff will not be tolerated. We do work for MIG in our free time and for nothing and therefore abuse towards us will be removed with or without warning.
  12. For Sale Rules
    The For Sale Forums run there own set of rules for these three forums, please make sure you have read these and your threads comply with the rules within. If the do not they will be moderated or removed.
  13. Persistent Abusers of these rules
    Persistent abusers of these rules will find themselves banned from using this website. MIGClub members will find themselves gagged. The period if time is set to an instant 24 hours, any further abuse of the rules will find you banned or gagged for longer periods of time.
These rules are subject to change without warning.