As many of you know, the MIGWeb server is getting a bit overloaded at peek times. As a result, I have made a few changes to the vBulletin settings to tide us over. Some of you may spot a few features (minor ones) missing. Hopefully the board will use a few less resources now.

Features removed:

1. Popup notification of new PMs.
When switched on, the site checks for a new message on every single page load. MIG has over 100,000 pages loaded each day - there are only 86400 seconds in each day, so this was being done at around every 0.8 seconds on average. If you consider peek times, this could be done 5 or more times per second! Removing this feature has obvious benefits.

2. Flood check times extended.
This means that instead of 20 second between searches, emails, PMs, posts - it is now 30 seconds. This obviously spreads the load on the server more evenly. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.

3. Subscription icons removed.
This icon appears in forum listing next to thread to which you are subscribed. This is a really intensive process for the server as it has to check this each time a forum listing / search is loaded. To see the status of your subscribed threads, please go to your User CP.
I have changed a few other features to, but they are less noticeable. Please keep reporting server issues and please give the exact message you receive (copy and paste).

We are currently considering the purchase of a more powerful server, but this will take a while to get in place. Once in place, full vBulletin features will be restored.

Many thanks


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