cav 1.8 running probs after new head gasket
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Thread: cav 1.8 running probs after new head gasket

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    cav 1.8 running probs after new head gasket

    hi guys.

    got a cav 1.8 G reg cab

    just a run around.

    had plenty of white smoke and coolent loss.

    wipped the head off and yes gasket was blown head and block was fine so cleaned it up and replaced the gasket.

    had the ushal fun starting it as i had not primed the lifter things

    thort i would not need to as i dident move them. anyway so i cranked it over a few time but hand then some more. to get em primed

    and got it started.

    problem is now it wont run right under 3000 revs ie just wont pick up to 3000

    under that its very eratic and as soon as you lift of the gas
    it stalls and wont idel. but will restart fine

    so i re check the cam timeing and it seems to be where it was beffore i took it off

    but i did have a hell of a job get belt on and off as 2 of the 3 warter pump allen bolts are rusted and chewed to ****

    and no allen key will fit em any more so i couldent lossen em and twist pump to slack cam belt tetion

    so what i did was after taking the head bolts out just tiped the head a bit so i could slip belt off.

    when refitting the belt managed to wind it on the cam pully

    like iv said the timming seems ok

    as i set the marks top and bottom before having head off

    plus the bottom shouldent have moved as it was moved after it was set

    and the belt shouldent have sliped at top as i set top

    as it was so tight geting it on due to pump bolts rusted

    so dose it sound like its posibil its tooth out or so would that cause the probs

    ir dose it sound like some thing else got disturbed and is causing it .

    anyone got any idears what may be up with it

    ps shorry guys if its a bit har too read im a bit dislexsic
    so my speelling and gramers ****

    It realy bugging me but i needed transport

    so i went out and got another 2.0L I gl cav yester day

    but iv just put a new raddeator and a new pas rack and a new mot on the 1.8 so want to get it sorted so i can get a few quid back for it.
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    it does sound like the timing is out.
    does it still take a few turns before it starts? or was it just the first time?

    it only has to be out by 1 tooth and it will cause you loads of probs, cos the valves are opening and closing at all the wrong times.

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    yep starts first time every time

    took a few time early yester day morning when it was damp and wet outside.

    0ther than that starts first time

    just wont run under 2000 ir so and cuts out as soon as you lift you foot of the gas

    thing is timing was fine

    i cranked it round to the marks and took belt off

    after belt was off the bottom aint been moved never touced the pistons ether as the coolent had steem cleaned em for me when gasket blew.

    so shouldent have to have woried about botom pulley at all

    and the top ones easy to set and see

    when refiting the cam pully it was dead on mark same as when took it off

    i wonderd if it would be worth marking it , and tring the timing one tooth each side of where it is to see if it is any better.
    but dont want to go too far and bent it all up

    but its a bitch moving the belt as two of the pump bolts are screwed

    there totaly rusted and the allen key hole is just a round rusty hole

    can only undo the 3rd one.

    or may be the carb auto choke ir some thing there was a lot of ligth brownish **** in the breather pipe.

    even left the plug leads and that on the head to save disturbing them

    Im shaw even if the head dident seal when it went back it wouldent run like it is.

    i havent been able to warm it up yet and do the last twist on the head bolts yet

    i brourt a nice clean Hreg CAV 2L GLI yesterday only 79k on it genuine 2 ownes since new

    old boy had for 9 years hardly used it not one spec of rust on it
    as he had a new focus for the last few years

    and drove it like a real old bot dont think its been rev passt 3000
    will need the injector cleaning ill bet

    only prob is it got the ushal tick overl spluter ie bit low

    so im going to clean up the pipes and give the the ICV a clean with some cab cleaner.

    and have a bash at the 1.8 again tomorow

    and hofuly get a few idears off the guys here to try

    and maybe one day ill finsh the dam paint on my GTE astra
    mised the weather againg this year had to move house when i should have be working on the GTE

    aint been on the bord hardly in the lasy year
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    any idears anyone ?

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