1.8 Opel Manta / SRI 130 Wiring loom
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Thread: 1.8 Opel Manta / SRI 130 Wiring loom

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    1.8 Opel Manta / SRI 130 Wiring loom

    I'm putting a "fuel injection" 2.0 cav SRI 130 engine into a "Carb" 1.8 manta.
    Will the manta have a wiring loom I can use if I just buy an SRI ECU? The old 1.8 engine is a carb engine so i'm not sure?

    Will I have to buy the ECU for the new engine as well as the wiring loom?

    Will the mantas wiring loom be by the drivers footwell? If it does have a wiring loom I can use will it just plug straight into the SRI 130 ecu?

    Cause carb engines dont have ECU's do they???

    not sure how it works. Bit confused.

    cheers sam

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    ur right carb engines dont have an ecu there fuelled by a mechanical pump usually mounted on the cam cover. to fit the sri engine you will need,

    engine loom(this is pretty much self contained in the engine bay you just unplug it)
    ecu and ecu loom(not sure where this is on a cav but sum1 will tell you)
    you will also need a fuel injection pump as it runs at higher pressure than a carb.

    go to www.valvers.com and email animal as iirc he's put a c20xe into a manta with an automatic 2.0l CIH lump in so will b able to help with most of your queries.


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