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    1995 cavalier sri

    Unhappy more power

    Someone please help I own a 1995 sri cavalier,with 88000 miles
    on the clock. I think i,m going mad my car seems to have got slower.
    There,s nothing wrong with it, new plugs, new oil,pipercross air filter,sport back box it just that lately all sorts of cars have got the better of me,tdi bora ,tdi focus, 414 rover,318 bmw.
    Help am I going mad.

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    If you havent had the car long, you have probably just got used to its power m8.

    Otherwise, if nothing is obviously wrong with the cav, maybe the injectors need cleaning, or your cat (if fitted) has collapsed inside.
    Timing could be out, a bad batch of fuel.
    Any number of things really.

    You seem to have done the immediate obvious, so will probably need to dig deeper, and maybe fix up a RR session to find out where its slipping and why.

    As for being overtaken by various cars, im assuming you are flooring it in a race against them ?
    If not, then perhaps the other guy is a tad more willing to drive faster than you are

    If you mean 0-60 from the lights, are you changing up too early ?
    You might not be using the engines power and revs to get the most out of it. Otherwise refered to as smooth sensible driving lmao

    Sorry i cant be more help, but hopefully a few things to think about.

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