Engine trouble with a Omega 1989 model
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Thread: Engine trouble with a Omega 1989 model

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    Question Engine trouble with a Omega 1989 model

    Hey !

    I have a Opel Omega 2.o LS 1989 model.
    Every winter (I live in Norway), I have troubles with the engine when it becomes could.
    I have been to 5 autoshops (3 opelshops) but no one can help me.
    This is the problem:
    The coulder it gets the more trouble the engine gives me.

    I just like some thing freezes, but I dont understand why. I even uses antifrez in the gasoline.

    Is it some one who have heard about this problem ???

    Hope some one can help me.

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    best guess I can make from what you've said is maybe the coolant temp sensor needs replacing - could be it's not reporting the temp correctly to the ECU and the fuellings not right.

    if that don't work hit it with Thor's hammer

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