Hi, I have a 1995 Cavalier LS with a 2.0 16v Ecotec engine, The problem I'm having is the Engine management light comes on 3 seconds after starting the engine, I got the codes to flash up on the dash and it came up with 19- No RPM signal and 92- Camshaft senser.

It has Vauxhall recipts saying it had a camshaft senser, crankshaft senser and knock senser 6 months ago, I have also fitted another camshaft senser but it still comes up with the code and the EML on all the time, I also changed part of the loom for the cam senser up to the suspension strut incase the wire's had broke up or somthing but still the same.
I have once driven it for 10 miles yestoday without the light coming on or flashing up, but as soon as I turned the engine off and staight back on the light would come on again.

I also have a starting problem where if you started the engine it would fire up stright away, but drive it or let it run for more than a few minites and turn it off it would refuse to restart at all as if the fuel had been cut off, it just turns over. Leave it alone for 10 minites and it would fire up perfectly again. Would this be connected to the ECU codes or would it be a seperate problem.

I think the ECU 19 only comes on when it refuses to restart, also I found sometimes there is a spark, and somtimes no spark when turning over, and somtimes the fuel pump would prime the system and other times it's silent when cranking it over.
I'm running out of idea's and wonder if anyone has had a similer problem.