Oil light.
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Thread: Oil light.

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    Question Oil light.

    Mine is being a little naughty.

    I turned the car on yesterday evening after it had been standing for two days and after sitting for about 2 minutes the oil pressure light came on (I'm presuming it's a pressure light since the level gauge is on the dash).

    I expected it to go off but it didnt. I turned the car off then checked the oil level about 10 minutes later. It was a little low but not in problem territory. I drove round the block and it stayed on so I went home and that was that.

    Today I took it out twice and all was fine, no sign of the light. Then tonight at about 9pm I turn on the car and the light comes on, stays on til I stop around 15 minutes later. Then 1 and a half hours later I check the oil and then drive off and the light makes no appearance.

    There was plenty of oil in the car, and I dont think the pump is knackered since it would stop altogether wouldn't it? Can the leaky gasket be causing these intermittent problems or is Worzil attention seeking?

    Any ideas most welcome.

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    Sounds like attention seeking to me, although I don't want to hijack the thread with silly responses..

    My car's tachometer once decided of its own volition to stop working. When it dawned on me that fixing this would involve some digidash tomfoolery I took the car to Vauxhall who kindly informed me that I would need to sell most of my bodyparts to medical science to fix it. As soon as I left the garage forecourt the little minx decided to start working again.

    It probably realised I would've called it a day and sold it to someone

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