Cav16 and all the web sites associated with Richard King are now hosted with UKFAST (Thanks Neil and guys)

This of course changes all the links on the forums I currently take part in (still all working). I will be searching them out and changing them over before the ntl site is ceased. is a seemless change as it simply now points to its own web space, however the Workshop Manual is now to be found at:

If you have a bookmark stored, you may wish to update it.

The workshop manual now has another completed 'System Manual' section. The only original section was the 'Hydraulic System' decription. The Viscous Coupling section has now been added. It may be found at:

Cav16 has also further enhanced its service by starting a list of approved specialist repairers who undertake to fit a fully reconditioned transfer box for a standard 250 plus VAT (294).

As well as changing the boxes over, the service includes fitting a new accumulator bulb, bleeding the system, and fluid pressure testing the system, all of which are part of the Dorfbrunnen warranty requirements.

The general areas so far covered, in what will eventually be cover for the better part of the country, are at Norwich, Colchester and Devon. Bexhill for the SE coast is currently also being negotiated.

The fitting service details may be found at: