Engine transplant or tune?
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Thread: Engine transplant or tune?

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    Engine transplant or tune?

    Ok here is the big question, my 2lt 8v is starting to get on a bit (approx 180,000) I want to do something with the motor do I

    !. get a 2lt 16v motor and tune it right up the magic number being 200 bhp.

    2. get a 2lt turbo motor and aim for around the 300bhp mark.

    3. sort my 2lt 8v motor out ( i.e. really tune it up).

    I like the look of the 16v head (vain I know)
    Is this something I can do myself?
    Has anyone already done this?
    any imput is very welcome.
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    The 8V doesn't really make economic sense. For 350 you can get 150bhp from a std 16V. Theres no way the 8v can be tuned to 150bhp for that sort of money!

    Then stick some throttle bodies on, and a set of cams, with a little bit of head work, and a decent exhaust manifold you should see 200bhp.

    Turbo motor can see 300bhp, but I'm not too sure about what you need to get it there, as NA is more my thing with the vauxhall engines!

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