Important NGK Spark plugs codes
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Thread: Important NGK Spark plugs codes

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    Important NGK Spark plugs codes

    I want to buy some Ngk spark plugs for my engine. It is a c20xe engine '93 model dizzyless ignition.
    But I am a little confusion with this...

    First of all...
    The vauxhall spark plugs for the c20xe engine is the above:

    FLR8LDCU with 2-groung electrodes

    NGK Standard spark plugs:

    1. BKR6EK for c20xe engines up to '92(2-ground electrodes)
    2. BKR5EK for c20xe DIS engines '93 up to '96(2-ground electrodes)
    3. BCPR7ES for c20xe engines up to 92 (maybe for 20xe engines???) (I think with 1-ground electrode)

    NGK IRIDIUM spark plug:


    A. Why have two different types (BKR6EK/BCPR7E) for the same engine on the standard spark plug?
    B. For the engine with DIS have the same spark plug but with different heat rating number. BKR"5"EK is hotter from BKR"6"EK.
    For which reason?
    C. Can I use the BKR6EK on my DIS engine or may I have problems with the engine running?
    I am asking this Question because NGK makes iridium spark plugs only with "6" Heat rating number like pre '92 model spark plugs and not with"5" Heat rating number like standard spark plug that recommend NGK for DIS c20xe engines.
    BKR6EK similar to the Iridium BKR6EIX. "IX" means Iridium type.

    any help apreciated.

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    i dunno why they have two plug types for the same engine,but as for the dis engines being different, thi is almost certainly down to the compression ratio difference in the engines and personally i wouldnt change the heat rating on the plugs on your engine and stick with the stock ngk's, the irridium electrode purely makes the plug last longer, you will not get a performance gain

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    The reason for the change from BCPR7E to BKR6EK on the same XE engine is that as u rightly say, the BKR6EK are twin ground-electrode. Purely for longer service interval, thats all. Asked NGK Technical this very question about 3 years ago, as i was confused why the cally is listed as all BKR6EK, yet the cav is split like that with same engine.
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