Corsa modification
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Thread: Corsa modification

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    Corsa modification

    I v got a Corsa 98 model and i want to put discs in the rear axle but i dont know from which car is possible to fit.I v been told that i cant take and fit from a cavalier 2.0.If someone knows for sure can you please tell me?

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    You can take them from a Cav yes, and an Astra.

    We took the discs n baking plates off the astra rear beam, took the Corsa rea beam off, then re-drilled 4 new bolt holes on each side, to match with the AStra hubs on the discs.

    Then we welded over the old hole, smoothed it off, attached the new backing plates to the corsa rear beam. Attached all the calipers, discs etc on and bolted it back onto the car.

    Then we used the smaller side handbrake cable from a nova to attach to the passanger side's disc on the corsa as the old one wasn't long enuff. Bled the brakes thru and hey presto. Rear discs

    Stops a lot better now too definatly.!

    One of my favourite corsa mods

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