16v gearbox?
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Thread: 16v gearbox?

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    Question 16v gearbox?

    The other day I noticed some knocking from the gearbox/clutch. The noise only occurs when the engine is not under load (i.e. when the clutch isnít pressed down).

    Itís a clunking type of noise and is related to the rpm of the engine at idle, so when the car is revved the noise gets faster.

    At first I thought it was the thrust bearings and I took it to a garage who said they thought the same but they couldnít do it, he recommended another garage and after a little inspection (listening to the noise and pressing the clutch), decided that I need a replacement gearbox, £345 (second hand) with fitting, which isnít that bad a price but I want to know if it really needs a replacement or just new bearings.

    Have any of you had a similar problem? What model is the gearbox? F16, F17?

    The guy at the garage mentioned that my engine is much harder to work on coz they changed something on this type of engine which means itís harder to work on - it this just bull?

    Any answers pls let me know asap coz I've got to book it in tomorrow.

    I fancy doing it myself as I'm quite competent but do I need any special tools to drop the box on this model of engine?



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    you have two choices when changing the gear box, both involve taking out the drive shafts.

    1. remove the engine then take out box or

    2. jack up car really high, support the engine and remove the subframe then take out box

    don't know what tools you have but the only thing special you may need is a deep 30mm socket to ndo the drive shafts
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