C20LET in Astra Mk3
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Thread: C20LET in Astra Mk3

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    C20LET in Astra Mk3

    I want to put the C20LET+F28 to the place of the C20XE on my Astra Mk3 GSi.
    Will I have any problem?
    What must I modify?
    Will I have problems with the electric plant or the engine supports?
    The Kit for the transformation from 4x4 to FWD I have already bought.
    Please help me!

    Sorry for the English.
    Tank's, Enea.

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    I've done this with a mate to his Mk3 Cab 1.6.

    The engines are a straight swap, but you will need to hacksaw a bit out of the rear mount to clear the gearbox. It's very easy. The rest is like for like, you will need to use bits from the gear linkage you have now and the the one that goes with the F28 to make a good linkage. Again this was fairly simple.
    Shafts are the same, you should get away with connecting the wires in the big round multi-plug colour for colour.

    Get some V6, or bigger, brakes. My mate set fire to the GSi brakes he had for a few weeks.
    They're there, in their room.

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