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Thread: Engine position

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    Way i look at it (remembering science at school)

    If you got the engine in the boot behind the wheels (i.s right at the back) Then when you take a corner, the weight of the engine will influence the rear rather nastily as the weight is right at the back.

    If the engine is smack bang in the middle of the car equal lengh between front and rear wheels, The car will be extremely stable, because the centre of the car is if you like a pivot point, and makes the shortest swing when taking corners, wheras the front and rear make the biggest swings, and as im sure u know, when you swing weight about, It pulls whatever its attached to with it.

    Sortof like putting an orange in a sock and swinging it, If you swing it hard enough, you will notice it pulls on your hand. if you stick the orange right down near your hand, and swing it, it wont tug much at all.

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    Originally posted by Animal
    lol. someone can say fwd is better for driving in very slippery conditions, but that isn't my reason for having it, how can it be better?
    It's "better" for the average driver. "Better" means saver for them.

    There are two main reasons for FWD.

    1- saver for the (not so good) average driver
    2- more space for the legs/feet of the front sitters.

    If FWD was superior to RWD than why do REAL fast cars have RWD ?

    I like rwd, but you have to have the guts for it.

    When you go to fast in a corner, you DON't step of the throttle.
    "Undercover maniac"

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