Hi again,sorry to bother people with this problem again,but just before i buy yet another Loom and ECU because of the immobiliser in the 1.6 16V.As most of you know i bought a ecu and full loom from AJBek but for some reason it is now doing the exact same as the old one,starting for a second then cutting out.The general consensus is alarm installer has fried the ECU and vauxhall charged me 108 quid for the priveledge of telling me that.
But was just thinking,the only two butchered bits on this loom are where Alan cut the Diagnostic plug off (to put on his SBD one) and where we cut the six inches of wire from the ignition barrel transponder.
So when i fitted the diagnostic plug (to check fault codes) i asked alan where abouts the plug had been cut off from,it took me a while to realise it is exactly where ive soldered the immobiliser wires to.
Soo where do the immobiliser wires meet on the loom?Or is it okay just to solder the immobiliser wires on the same position as the diagnostic plug (next to the ECU)

I know this is clutching at straws but this thing will prob not be ready for Billing this year,after i ve worked so hard on her

Still worth a crack