C20LET running lean
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Thread: C20LET running lean

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    Smile C20LET running lean(problem solved)

    Hi! Im running with phase 3 and Ive got strange problem....When I am running with full throttle my AFR gauge shows only one led at lean side.It doest matter if the switch is on position 1 or 5.Everyrything is great before turbo is giving any pressure, mixture is on 4 leds green in normal running, but when I hit even only 0.3 bar pressure mixture goes lean and car is holding back. When I hit the full throttle AFR gauge is 1 led on rich side 2-5 seconds before turbo is giving the pressure.

    Ive got new 909 fuel pump,relay and thicker wires to the pump.Pump is getting 13.9 volt when driving

    My fuel pressure gauge shows over 5 bars when full throttle and 1 bar boost and about 4 bars when idle.

    New coolant temp sensor (GM part)
    New lambda sensor (GM part)
    Clean K&N air filter
    Silicone hose between turbo and air filter box

    Air mass meter has been checked with multimeter.Measuring terminals between 2 and 3, Ive get 4.3 volt when full throttle.Goes smoothly from 2.2 volt when idle to 4.3 volt when full throttle.

    OK...I did the test and disconnect the air mass meter.ECU light was on and I drove and accelerate.Fuelling was then fine, 2 leds lit on the rich side, eventhough I accelerate with full throttle and 1 bar boost.I did that test several times and note that fuelling was ok when I disconnect air mass meter.So could it be the faulty airmass meter anyway????

    Problem solved:I changed AMM and everything is fine now.Get 2 red leds at rich side when driving with boost and full throttle.
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    Why did you put up 2 posts for the same Q???

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    The car will run in limp home mode with the AFM disconnected so im not sure if thats the best way to test it! I would try someone elses meter if possible. Also the vacuum pipe to the Fuel pressure gauge is connected/or isnt split?
    Sir, please step away from the car

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