Right, I'm about to fit the C20LET engine into my C20XE Calibra chassis, I've get everthing planed and know what to do, apart from the c20let downpipe, ie how to mate it with my C20XE exhaust sytem (and CAT).

A few problems
1) c20let downpipe is for 4x4 chassis, hence its not even pointing in the right angle/direction when fitted to the manifold.
2) the end of the c20let down pipe is a 3-hole traingular flange
3) the mating end of my C20XE system (ie the CAT or decat pipe) is a oval 2-hole design.
4) the c20let is a bigger bore than the c20xe

So how do I do it, considering I have no power or other cuting or welding equipment in my garage (its in a different street to my house, so no power near by).

Someone must had the same problem as me when they did a c20let conversion?

I've done a search etc, not found much.
I suppose I'll have to find some old exhasut in a scrappy with both 2-hole and 3-hole flanges, but I doubt any of them will be the same bore as the c20let (never seen a c20let in a scrappy yet).