the 967 loom came with its own pair of relays for fuel pump.

we had to hard wire rob savages old motronic fuel pump relay, which was tricky but we got there.

heres a quote from another post, might be helpful

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we did it to robs mk3 cav which used dta.

the thick red wire went straight to the battery
thin red wire to a switch ignition source.
thin red with blue trace to the fuel pump +12v
thick red with blue tracer goes to the injectors, so if yours are powered via the dta loom just disconnect this, not used.
erm, think that left two thin brown wires which were bown with yellow trace, brown with white trace, we joined these together and connected them to the fuel relay wire from the dta ecu plug/loom which is a switched earth. basically the dta grounds that wire to activate the fuel pump.
dunno if the switched earth is relevant, but atleast its a guide to what wires do what.