First things first.

Driving along the m-way at about 80 last sunday, my car suddenly died on me in a puff of blue smoke, to be honest, it was more than just a puff. Think of Raikkonen today and you could have superimposed me on it!

The RAC said they wern't even going to bother looking at it and just towed me home. They said it was more than likely the piston rings that were gone, but seeing as it doesn't drive, well, putt putt, I can't get it to any garages. Is it worth doing anything about it, or should I just scrap the heap?

Secondly, I got a spare car, but the wheel bearing is on it's way out on the O/S Front. I need to drive to Brighton from N. London tomorrow, would this be a safe thing to do, or should I scrap the rendevous with my girlfriend?