Hello people, my name is Luis and I'm new to this board. I need some information about the front camber settings for a turbo convertible (I think you call it a soft-top right?). Sorry for my bad english, I'm doing the best i can
The other day, my g-f was driving the car and she hit a pavement (right word?) and the steering wheel was no more centered when going straight. I took the car to some place and they solved the problem with a front wheel alignment.
Now the steering is fine but looking at the paper they gave me, the left camber is different from the right camber :

Left : - 0 49'
Right: - 0 19'

So there's half an angle between these two values. Is this correct? What are the factory values? I have that weird feeling when turning left... seems like the car doesn't stick to the road like before, but when turning right there's no problem.
Also, can the camber be adjusted with the stock suspension or is there something bent on the front passenger side?

Thanks a lot for your help!