I blew my engine :(
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Thread: I blew my engine :(

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    I blew my engine :(

    This was one of those situtations that one would normally read about...

    I was heading back to town from a lake area...cruising back after having a wonderful day windsurfing. Thats about 70 km away, nice 15 minute cruise, cough. lmao

    Anyhow...I am going about the speed limit or so, all of the sudden, I hear that loud cling, woom sort of a noise coming from under the hood....I see smoke coming out as well. I shut the engine off and I pull over....

    THere is no visible damage outside of the engine...no puddle of oil or anything (thankfully).....I start the engine again....runs very rough - I find out its the cyl #4 that is dead. Besides, the engine is making that constant cling.....cling.cling.cling.....cling...type of a noise....definitely something is hitting internally, as I can feel the vibration on the engine. I dont think its the valves hitting the piston, as the engine is not interfering, but could be the valvetrain. Well, I will know for sure on Sunday, when its gonna go apart... Gonna check the compression too, but I think I know what the results will be - no compression on #4. But also want to check the comp across, I might as well check everything else, and put new rings in.

    the good news is that I can still crank the engine with a wrench...spark plugs seem ok, have no time to check further, but on Sunday the engine is going "under" anyhow ...will have pics to post.

    The oil pressure is normal (as per gauge) - like nothing happened. I hope its a valvetrain-related....but could be worse.... I was going to pull the engine apart, but I wasnt planning on doing that untill the end of the season anyways.

    In the worse-case scenario I see the either the valve bent under some strange angle and stuck in this position, causing piston to hit it - but this 'cling' kind of a noise is intermittent, not constant, so I really dunno. Other scenario is busted piston...I should stop thinking about it...the more I think of it, the more I worry!!!


    Wish me luck!
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    so your saying low compression on 4? or completely dead as in no compression? the clanging rules out head gasket, so ring/valves wud be the 1st thing to check

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