ecu fault codes
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Thread: ecu fault codes

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    ecu fault codes

    c20let engine, the codes are coming up as -

    13 - oxygen sensor, no voltage change
    16 - knock sensor cicuit, knock signal

    lambda and knock sensor. my lambda was being used in a mates cally turbo and worked fine. was sitting about 2 months before going back into mine though.

    also, is it likely that the knock sensor is faulty? ive never heard of that happening. the car ticks over at about 1200 and tries to drop the revs, but it doesnt.

    any ideas what to do? or why these codes are coming up?

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    > 13 - oxygen sensor, no voltage change

    well if you know tha YOUR OS works (is it a BOSCH part or aftermarket?), then it can only be plug connections or a faulty wire loom (ie broken wire). Clean all the contacts with contact cleaner and scrub with an old tooth brush (gets rid of the tarnish on the pins). Then check the ECU loom for the OS connections for splits or burns etc. If you have a DVM you can check the continunity between the OS plug and the ECU plug to tell if there is a break in the wire (wiggle it around when testing).

    > 16 - knock sensor cicuit, knock signal

    theres not much to these sensors. Check that its still bolted on the back of the block, bolt should be done up to 20Nm, so check the torque which is important, if its too lose or tight, it may read incorectly.

    then again check/clean the plugs/contacts/wires as described prevously.

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