Hi everyone,

I've having a problem getting my exhaust to fit correctly. The car is a MkII Astra CDi 5 door. It has a full 16v GTE conversion, so besides the shell and interior etc its a 16V GTE.

I've got a Scorpion twin 3" SS exhaust which fits fine but the floor plan of the 8V CDi doesnt cater for the larger 16V system. Is there any exhaust out there that would fit (without breaking the bank) or has anyone got any tips on how to make the GTE exhaust fit.

Currently there is a 12" piece of flexable pipe just after the downpipe that helps get the system inline, however this causes the exhaust to move a few inches which is a problem when cornering as it knocks on the under side of the car near the hand brake.

Any help would be great.