Astra c20let conversion. Which option do i take????
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Thread: Astra c20let conversion. Which option do i take????

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    Question Astra c20let conversion. Which option do i take????

    Am pretty new to forum, but wondering if anyone had any advice. Currently own a 94 astra gsi 1.8. i am seriously considering getting a c20let conversion cause the 1.8 just aint cutting it anymore. I tried to get on the archive to see allan meads tutorial about the DIY conversion but could not get on. So what im curious about is:

    a) how easy it is to do yourself? (im fairly competent on the tools, but want to now if there are any major mods required)

    b) How much do courtney charge for a full conversion?

    c) How much, roughly, should i be paying for an average mileage engine, loom, intercooler etc.?

    Any response would be most appreciated



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    Spell my name right and I might tell you actually, pm me your e-mail address and I'll send you a copy of the article. One thing to bare in mind though, is the guide is very rough and it's for a mk2. However, saying that, putting one in a mk3 has gotta be a doddle. You'll came across the same things, just different chassis.
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