To cam or not to cam..
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Thread: To cam or not to cam..

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    To cam or not to cam..

    Hi Guys

    I really need some advice regarding a 272deg wild cam, standard cam and rockers arms.

    Here is the whole sobb story

    I did my 2L 8v head over, just before I needed to do it, the driver side rocker arm or tappet was making a noise, thought that since I am doing the head over might as well replace the rocker arms.

    Reason for doing the head over, overheating, blew 4th cylinder head gasket.

    The head has been done, rocker arms standard ones, hydraulic lifters replaced, cam polished and now the damn thing is making the worse noises ever
    I ask the mechanic what the story is and he says that the cam could be so?, it was making way less noise before I did the head over and now it is worse.
    He suggested I put in the standard cam...will this even help and there goes the torque out the door

    Another mechanic says it could be the clearance in the cam box being too much.

    Could it be oil pressure that is too low?...oil light stays on for about 5 secs from a cold start.

    I am really getting cheesed off with this problem and worried that things might be getting damaged i.e. the cam lobes and rocker arms.

    Any advice or suggestions on how to go about finding the source of the problem or maybe even doing it myself.


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    aftermarket cams are usually of lower quality than stock items.
    They also stress everything a lot more with their more aggressive profiles.

    You need to look at the cam lobes. If they are worn, then you really need to put a stock cam back in and see if it still makes all these noises.

    I assume that the cam-changing procedure is the proper one.

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