Problem While Racing 2 Punto GT Turbo's
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Thread: Problem While Racing 2 Punto GT Turbo's

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    Transmission Problem After Racing 2 Punto GT Turbo's

    Hears my problem.

    While i was racing two punto gt turbo's in my standard Astra GSI XE (which i was leaving much to their fustration) i lost all my gears when i attempted to change into third.

    When i checked the linkage i found that the mount for the pin which goes through the pivoting point on the selector mechanism had snapped.

    i was wondering (because its raining and i cant be arsed gettin my arse wet) if this is part of the rear gearbox mount or the gearbox itself.

    Also is the rear gearbox mount the same on all (2.0 XE) F20 gearbox's. Because if it is i'll go to the scrappy and get one off a more common Astra GTE,Cavalier or Calibra.
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    The main pivot point for the gear linkage is attached to a U shaped casting which sits in the channel of the rear gearbox subframe with a big bolt attaching both it and the subframe to the gearbox.

    So its part of nothing really, if you drop a rear mounting off at a breakers, and get the part out that you need it shouldnt cost too much

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