Using a Vectra breather mod on my Astra
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Thread: Using a Vectra breather mod on my Astra

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    Using a Vectra breather mod on my Astra

    I fitted one of those new Vectra crankcase breather pipe filter things, and for just 8 for the parts and 2 mins work, not expensive.

    A little black box that sits snuggly on the bend of the large rubber pipe that goes into the Cam cover.
    Has a metal mesh filter that allows air flow, but wont allow oil or shite to pass through.

    Easily cleaned with carb cleaner.

    Has it helped, definately i reckon. Unblocking the pipe has smoothed low revs no end, but as all the shite seemed to collect entirely in the rubber part (perished from the oil) this filter should do the trick in keeping it clear, and stop it from entering the cam cover, and hence, out through those cam breathers.
    VX says i will be able to lose the catch tank by using it.
    A common sight in needing the mod done apparently lol.

    Not sure if this is common knowledge or not for Ecotec owners, but wanted to share this for those who own cars where those cam cover breather pipes and gummed up ICV's are always a problem.

    I can tell the difference immediately, and if in a months time those smaller breathers are clear(er) it will be a worthwhile 8 spent.
    It used to cost me more than that on carb cleaner lmao

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    Both my cam cover hoses vent to atmosphere, with no air filter on either.
    It went through the MOT like that too.

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