I have near enough finished setting TB's up!!

Needed a knew TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)......

Right for those who have the kit and set up themselves, this is what you should have done.....

Ignition on..... set TPS switch to 0.328 volts (making sure that the throttle stop screw is completely of so butterflies are completley closed) once thats set and doesn't move when pressing accelerator pedal, you then now adjust throttle stop screw so volt meter reads 0.374 volts....ok

I have now started the engine...... volt meter now reads 0.330, engine is idleing perfectly at about 980, and ive adjusted using a synchrometer all throttles so they are all breathing approx 4.5 units of air......

Ive spoken SBD and they say when reading the volt meter with engine idleing it should be showing 0.374??? mines reading 0.330 and if i adjust it 0.374 the engine is revving its nuts off!!

Would having the wrong fuel pressure affect this at all??

Also anybody who has the same kit and the 967E MBE management system could you check for me what volts your set ups are when idleing etc etc ignition of and then idleing.

Ive driven the car and it feels spot on.... any help would be much appreciated!