Well, new car means new jobs till its all sorted how you want it and it seems I have plenty of new jobs!

Just changed a very noisey, very cracked Alt/PS belt. Who the F**K designed that one, threaded through the front os engine mounting!
The saddle bolts into the chassis leg were as per book loctited in and wouldnt move so I had to cut down an allen key to fit in the small space between the saddle and rubber to undo the cap heads holding the 2 halves of the mount together.

Of course the air box had to come off and guess what, yep the cotton reel mountings were siezed and torn.

Took the top cam cover off to have a look as it was supposed to have broken a belt some 10k ago and had all new bits in there.
Belt looks ok but the tensioner is done up to the "using same old belt" mark. Didnt dare slacken it off! Water pump and tensioner looked new but idlers didnt.

Tried to remove the alloy wheel bolts to coppersnot them, bent my long bar trying, even beat them with a big hammer and socket too. Hope I dont get a puncture before I manage to sort that one out.

Oh well.