Strange petrol smell on Cav solved
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Thread: Strange petrol smell on Cav solved

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    Strange petrol smell on Cav solved

    Hopefully ...........

    The new cav had a few problems when I first bought it but the garage I got it from balanced the tyres for nothing (wobbly wheels) and went halves on a new water pump - it was peeing it out after 2 days of having the car.

    I thought I'd found the strange petrol smell problem - the hoses on the injection system were slightly loose but after another 100 miles, the petrol smell was back with vengance.

    I took it into a local garage who couldnt find anything wrong with it, took it to the local vaux garage who were also stumped (didnt charge me though).

    The car was in need of a service anyway so I got some new plugs etc for it and lo and behold - the old plugs could be unscrewed by hand !!!! It must have been pushing a bit of fuel vapour out every now and again cos new plugs torqued up correctly seem to have solved the problem

    Worth checking if you've got the same problem

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    lucky ur plug didnt come through your bonnet kiddo ,, our kids did .. looked like it had been shot lmao lmao

    bye the way.. i would have insisted the garahe paid for the entire pump job for your troubles
    Im a Daddy Wahoooo

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