hey folks

wondering if you can help me here. for a couple months now my ECU has complained about running too lean. i've tried various things. it doesn't matter how i set my CO's (i think where it should be is 0.95V) but have set it to VERY rich, and VERY lean, and no difference in the error reported by the ECU (and yes, i've left the battery disconnected for a fair amount of time - overnite in fact) i've had my injectors cleaned and cleaned out the throttle body. in the throttle body housing there is a pipe that points towards the front of the car (i think that's to the ICV or am i wrong?) and i've cleaned that out - it was totally gunged up with black oil and crap. the other problem i sometimes have is when i come to a stop, the revs drop to +/- 400RPM and then bounce back up to normal (900RPM) after a bit. this also happens about 50% of the time i start my car - it starts idling at 400/500 RPM, sounds like it wants to die, then recovers and idles a bit high (1500RPM) for a while and then drops to about 900-1000RPM

i think it may be the ICV - if it's connected directly into the throttle body (the pipe leading in from the front of the throttle body housing) then i've cleaned that out. if it's not that, then can someone let me know where it is please? i've looked through the info on the TopBuzz web site, but couldn't quite figure out where it is from those pictures.

sorry for the long story - couldn't figure out a shorter way to say it

thanks for any help!