sometime ago u might recall, i posted a message about hessitation missfire etc, when the tank hit quarter mark.

After a year of being peed off i decided to whip out the fuel tank and give it a good ole wash out see if it was that, that was giving me jip. nope nice and clean, i then took off the sender unit,

problem found.

the return pipe on the sender unit that goes in the tank and connnects to the round bowl type thingy wasn't connected, dunno how it came off , or was a new unit and they couldn't be arsed to connect it, cos it is a right c**t took me about 1 hour, all back together fired in a can full of petrol and way hay, idle lovely no hunting etc, can blow away some saxo's with quarter tank now, hehe

just thought i'd let u all know incase it happens to u.