Cam Belt Change
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Thread: Cam Belt Change

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    Cam Belt Change

    Hi all

    I have a Vectra and the last time the cam belt was changed was a 39k it is now 63K,

    will the cam belt be ok for the next 500 miles

    cos i may have to take my car to wales, which is about 180 each way, just wanted to know, do you think it will be ok

    Many thanks


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    There's no knowing wether a cam belt will be ok or not. When it's time for it to snap, it'll snap. Dont think about the worst and make your decision as and when you want. If in doubt, get it changed.
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    Your cambelt has covered 24k. The ideal change time is between 25-30k.
    Vauxhall guarantee them for 40k even if they dont like doing so.

    If your belt was fitted by vauxhall and you are have a receipt or some proof they did it, you would certainly be able to claim for any damage done if it snapped within its 40k life.

    Unfortunately, as another post stated, there is no real way of knowing when a belt will fail. Some go at 1k, some last for 20 years.

    Personally, i wouldnt worry and go on the trip.
    But that is me. If you are worried, you will have to change it.

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