Bottom end power mods?

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Thread: Bottom end power mods?

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    Question Bottom end power mods?

    Im gonna be changing the bottom end on my engine soon due to shot little ends.
    This is gonna leave me with a bottom end to play with, Im currently toying with the idea of slowly building a mad engine (on me own with just a bit of advice from you lot) so,

    1) is it worth it or should I strip it and sell bits?

    2) What mods should I do and approximate costs?

    Bearing in mind that if I do go ahead with the mad engine idea cost is not gonna be a problem as I will simply take my time and save for the bits needed, BUT the final result has to be an engine suitable for everyday road use, sadly that means a fully race specced engine isnt really feasable, or is it? Im concentrating on bottom end for now and will move on to heads when the bottom is done

    What do ya reckon I should do?

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    No point in taking your time, etc. and then at the end saying it has to be a daily driver...

    everybody describes a daily driver as different things.

    For some that means quite comfort with leather seats, soft-as suspension, and a nice bit of torque in the mid range to make driving in any gear easy.

    Other people (odders, tom stickland, etc.) have daily drivers that people wouldn't even get as far done on a second 'fun' car...

    do what ever you want to do. Building an engine properly costs money, and time, if it rewards you then do it. If you just want an everyday car, buy one, and tweak it...
    Brian Sidebotham.

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    I'd save your money Mav, get the new engine in that Red GTE and leave it at that.

    ARP Rod Bolts come to mind and they are cheap but then theres the lightened and balanced crank which I heard some people say isn't that great (depends on your point of view) and then special pistons and con rods and things which can get really expensive.

    If you want to though, Chat with RDS who could get steel rods for 400 or something really silly.
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