20xe wiring HELP!
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Thread: 20xe wiring HELP!

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    20xe wiring HELP!

    I have just changed the engine in my 93 cavvy from the 8valve to the 16 valve (20XE).
    I have fitted the 16valve ECU and loom from another cavvy but dont know where one of the connectors goes
    The connector in question is the black connector on the end of the loom by the battery.
    There are seven wires going to the connector but there is nowere to connect it to.
    The wires go into the connector as follows

    1 2 3
    4 5 6 7

    2=Black & Yellow
    3=Red (thick wire)
    4=Red & Blue
    6=Pink (or might be white was drrk when i looked)
    7=Blue & Brown

    Can anyone help me? need to get the car running a.s.a.p or i'll have to start walking to work

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    lee may
    1=Blue Temp gauge wire
    2=Black & Yellow Reverse light wire????
    3=Red (thick wire) 12v
    4=Red & Blue
    5=Green Rev counter wire
    6=Pink (or might be white was drrk when i looked)
    7=Blue & Brown

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