Turbo water feed/return pipes on a nova
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Thread: Turbo water feed/return pipes on a nova

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    Turbo water feed/return pipes on a nova

    I got a 92 Nova GSI with a calibra turbo engine. Where do the connections for the water feed and return on the turbo connect to?? On a calibra do they connect to the radiator or some other part of the engine coolant pipes??

    Would it be a good idea to T into my charge cooler pipework and use the same coolant from teh charge cooler resevoir to cool the turbo?? Or would it get too hot and increase charge temparature??

    any tips welcome

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    one goes to the top of the rad and the other goes to the header tank. Rick

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    My standard gsi rad only has two connections for the rad itself.
    What radiator did you use??

    Also what header tank? tha nova header tank only has one connection on the top of it and one on the bottom connecting to the side of the engine. where does the retun for the turbo water feed go to??
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