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    power loss

    hi all i still got probs with my cavi cutting out when i accelerate or put the car under load eg going up hill it starts off by missfiring sysptoms them dash lights come on and it dies give it a min or to to settle then restart and it as good as gold below is list of what i have checked and replaced if needed-

    Coil replaced as spark was going all round old coil
    Starter Motor replaced as it burnt out
    HT leads as spark was jumping to earth via other leads & block
    disp cap removed and cleaned not replaced no cracks found that would be visable, rotor arm removed cleaned and not burnt oh bule, both engine and alternator earth leads check intacked and conduct on beep test from muti meter

    anyone with any ideas let me know asap all ideas welcome knowing my luck it something small and silly that i aint thought to check

    cheers phil

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    wot about ya plugs??? whip em out and `ave a look, in fact just give the car a jolly good service all round including the cap and rotor arm, you`d be surprised at wot problems these can cause even with none visible

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