C20 XE Cam belt tension help
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Thread: C20 XE Cam belt tension help

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    C20 XE Cam belt tension help

    Right i have a c20 xe and cannot manage to get the cam belt tension tight enough, it is the earlier one with one idler and one tensioner. I got a spring from vauxhall to put on the tensioner and the backplate to hold the belt at tension and then you turn it over 2 full turns and line the 8th tooth up with the timing marks on the rocker cover but it is always to loose. How can i get the tension right? Thanks Rick

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    Personally i forgot this method and did my own as i had a nightmare getting the tension correct.
    Everytime i lined the notches up i`d tension the belt and it would move adjusting the notches so they no longer lined up.
    Hers what i did.......
    1.Lined the camshafts up to the notches on the engine cover.
    2.lined the crankshaft pulley up so it was slightly out, About 2 cm away from the pointer.
    3.When i tensioned the belt the crankshaft pulley moved into alignment and the camshaft sprockets stayed lined up.

    It took me a wee while but after a few attempts you learn which way the crankshaft pulley goes and how far you need to be away from the pointer.
    I Used a cable tie to pull the tensioner tight then tightened it up.
    Hope This Helps.
    Mail me if you have any probs!!
    Good luck......
    Glory Glory Man Utd..........The Red Devil is Gaining Strength.............

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