right dunno if any one can help, but my astra seems to intermittently misfire, especially when pulling away in 1st gear, it was really bad but has seemed to get better, the car now feels very quick and accelerating nicely, but occasionaly at lower revs misfires , its as if its being starved of petrol, but i have a feeling its an ecu fault.. but i have no ecu light coming on, can this type of fault be due to a dodgy ecu as i also have no fuel feed coming from the ecu either, and is currently connected directly to a switched live at the fuse box, my magnex 4-1 s/s manifold has a small crack in it which my dads gone weld , when i get my ass in gear and remove it, it does make a slightl nasty noise, but could it also be responsible for the misfire, i know it sounds stupid, but i thought if maybe the gasses were getting restricted this could occur. any gen any one ?