ok, the long and short of it, i've had to lob a 1.4i (spi) in my nova until i get the time to throw anything bigger in there.

BUT we've hit a big problem.

the engine is in, and it runs, BUT it holds back SO bad, i mean, this runs like a 600cc fiat panda or something, and really struggles up through the revs. occasionally even backfires. and the engine seems to make a 'popping' noise, and you can see a small bang under the butterfly in the throttle body?!

it IS running the 1.2i ecu still, but this shouldnt make a difference surely? i got hold of a 1.4i ecu from an astra, but it didnt even start up in my nova! but it started up again as soon as the 1.2i ecu was back on. we've played about with the dizzy trying to see if the timing was out, but still to no avail, still goes like a robin reliant can anyone shed some light on this????

we put the engine in out of a 1.4i astra, and was running fine then?! so cambelt timing cant be out.
its still got the 1.2i fueltank and pump on, but agian, this shouldnt make THAT much difference?

if anyone can help, then THANKYOU god lol

cheers chaps, appreciate it.