Corsa GSi 16v engine problems!
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Thread: Corsa GSi 16v engine problems!

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    Question Corsa GSi 16v engine problems!

    Ok a friend has just put a 1.6 16v corsa engine into his Nova. He mounted the ECU just behind the engine while we found somewhere better (bad idea i know). The problem is that after driving a while the car would stall and not start again until all the plugs we're taken out of the back and re plugged in. This was annoying. The problem though is that while driving he gave it some gas and after a few seconds the engine stalled adn wouldn't start. We tried the ECu thing and still it wouldn't start. Its been 2 days now and it still won't start.
    So the question is have you any ideas of what could be up with the car. We believe it to be the ECU so any advice on if this engine has a diagnostic socket would be very helpful.

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    Does it crank?

    If so, is there a spark?

    Is there fuel? Pull an injector!

    Sounds similar to a problem I had, with no spark, I replaced the coil amp which fixed it temporarily, and in the end I have gone to a new ECU.

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