8V SEH Engine performance rebuild help required
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Thread: 8V SEH Engine performance rebuild help required

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    Question 8V SEH Engine performance rebuild help required

    Im looking into getting my 8V SEH 2.0 engine tuned. I know about getting the head flowed, but what else can i get done to this engine to increase both bhp, and 0-60 times.?

    The engine was rebuilt 2 years ago by OPEL in Germany, but it was only a standard rebuild to German Spec.

    I already have a K&N indution kit, but Im now sourcing a 4-2-1 exhaust manifold at the moment, and ss performance exhaust, but really need some help on my options with the rebuilding of the engine.

    Tom Stricklands probably the man to talk to on this, but as he's not online atm, I thought i would start a thread.

    Any help/advise would be great. Companies that can do the work, and contact details etc. Also, I want to know if I would have to take the engine out myself, or just take my car to an engine rebuilders, and they would take the engine out, completly rebuild it, then put it all back together.

    I will have around 1200. to spend on the engine this summer time.

    Thanks in advance


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    a b+ head from blydenstein will proberbly give the single biggest increase , next would be carbs (tb are better but out of your budget) also worth considering a rebore or a turbo but thats gonna be pricey aswell.
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