Valver electrical probs
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Thread: Valver electrical probs

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    Valver electrical probs

    Ive done all the install but the loom connections I have a 1991 nova gsi and my engine came out of a h reg astra. I have fitted a new earth strap from the gearbox to the bulkhead and my 20xe loom is earthed so far I have connected:
    red to red
    black to black and yellow (comes from coil)
    green to green(comes from coil)
    small blue to wire I fitted from temp probe
    blue and red to large blue(comes from pin 87b fuel pump relay)
    Im left with white , brown and white, red and blue (small) and blue and brown
    Im getting power to the relay and to the ecu but no feed back and no ecu light is showing could it be an earth problem
    or am i really unlucky please help if you can

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    Im left with
    white , - no idea
    brown and white, - nova side ecu light... astra side diag (if near ecu)
    red and blue (small), - speed in feed to ecu... not used
    blue and brown - ecu light astra side

    i'm back tomorow late on so can call up after 5 and sort it for u

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