valver electrics HELP!
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Thread: valver electrics HELP!

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    nova gsi

    valver electrics HELP!

    I dont seem to be able to connect the multi plug up properly does any on e know what goes to what :
    nova loom ( on car)
    red, black, brown and white, blue, green, red and blue.
    red, black and yellow, blue and brown, green, white, blue(large),
    blue and red (small)

    Ive tryed to connect up red to red , black to black and yellow but its still not switching the relay can anyone help please

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    lee may
    What car was it from?

    Cav or Astra?

    Red: +12v
    black: Ign switched +12v
    brown and white,
    blue: Temperature gauge wire for dash
    green: Rev counter wire for dash
    red and blue: To fuel pump via the fuse box and a fuse

    red: connect to a perminent +12v (Red)
    black and yellow: Not sure (Sounds like the reverse light wires)
    blue and brown: Not sure
    green: Connect to rev counter wire (Green)
    white: Not sure
    blue(large): Temerature wire to connect to the temp gauge wire
    blue and red (small): Fuel pump wire, connect to fuel pupm wire (Red/Blue)
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    mk2 astra
    big red is battery +ve, yellow black is switched igntion +ve, green is tacho, large blue is fuel pump.

    thats all i know
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