turbo leaking water
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Thread: turbo leaking water

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    turbo leaking water

    i have had a funny smell (not me) on my car for the past day of to but i just put it down to having a new head gasket and it was
    normal but when me coolent light came on i toped it up and 20 mins later the same again, when i had a look i can see water on the pipe that comes from the turbo to the intercoller it looks lick it is coming from the turbo i think ???

    as i am not a macanic (and prity dum) will it be this or is there some other place that it will be coming from??

    and is the turbo hard to get off ???

    also i had a new head gasket as me car as the pipe from me water pump was split and it hver heated,but now me car seems to get a lot hoter than befor,would this have damage my stat
    making it open later ???

    thanks zigger
    my other toy has tits

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    Re: turbo leaking water

    You need to wipe everything clean, then take the car for a short ride and then try to find where the coolant leaks from.
    If it's a hairline crack on a pipe it may be hard to pinpoint, as the water evaporates leaving no traces.
    Have you ever changed the coolant pipes?

    One that's prone to failure is the turbo-return pipe, it goes from the turbo to the expansion tank. It's a beetch to change without taking the turbo out.
    That again may be a nightmare job, depending on the level of corrosion of the various bolts.
    Get new *original* gaskets and nuts/washers for anything you disturb, assume that they will all be unusable afterwards

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