Turbo boys - help needed
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Thread: Turbo boys - help needed

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    Turbo boys - help needed

    Ok, story goes chaps.

    I used to have a nova, but not anymore lol this is how i know this site. i have a charade 993cc turbo, not that many of you will have much info on this engine, BUT i need thoughts from as many people as possible. ok so today, just filled up with petrol, got onto the dual carriageway, gave it full boot in second... warrrrrrrrrrr.... URGFH... no boost car stops boosting completely, just runs n/a, and i got a REALLY loud whistle which is almost/just as loud as a police siren (no joke). firs thought in my head - TURBO, BUT no white smoke at all.

    i pull into a local supermarket to check everything over. take induction tube off turbo, turbo still spins when given throttle, AND the car still dumps! but as soon as i actually drive it in gear, no boost, nothing, still dumps but very quietly... and get this HELLISH whistling noise. BUT note, i saw one of the turbo blades has a real small almost like a 'dent' on the edge of it? might just be me, but i didnt think that was healthy.

    Checked all hoses, all vacuums, nothing popped off, no splits, everything fine.

    suggestions have been to check the actuator arm/elbow will still move, as the wastegate may be stuck open/closed. or the diaphram dump valve may have split, therefor leaking boost out and whistling like a pig. exhaust bit next to turbo may have collapsed. FCD connections could have broken, therefor cutting the boostwire and not telling the car to boost?

    i have tomorrow to check everything that i possibly can, so please pelase suggest what to look at!


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    Wastegate broken?? you will still have movemtn but the centre flap may have fallen apart.
    Happened on my old cav turbo.

    Drives but no boost what so ever, fell apart and went out of the back somewhere

    Just a thought


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